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Solbridge University

Created : 2022-01-26 13:20:54
Last Update : 2022-02-10 10:17:38
Solbridge University
location South Korea, Daejeon

Solbridge University is an Asian located university in Korea’s Silicon Valley Daejeon. SolBridge main focus is to produce top-notch leaders who will improve Asia's economy. The university is dedicated to producing top business leaders in fields like business, politics, the military, and social activism who can impact a change on their respective societies. Solbridge focuses on both hard and soft skills that provide flexibility, interpersonal skills, and understanding. The university is highly ranked and has been granted Two Palmes of Excellence for being an institution with strong regional influence. SolBridge also earned a 79% recommendation rate in the Dean's Vote of Eduniversal's methodology for determining its Official Selection of the Best Business Schools and is included in the 1000 institutions from 154 countries that were eligible in the 2020 voting session.

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