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Esic Business and Marketing School

Created : 2022-01-26 13:37:22
Last Update : 2022-02-10 06:39:35
Esic Business and Marketing School
location Spain, Madrid

ECIS Business and Marketing School was founded in 1965 with a purpose to help companies develop through analysis and relationship with the markets, that is, through the exercise of marketing in Spain. There was a need for good professionals in Spanish companies which was noticed by The Congregation of the Priests of the Heart of Jesus. ECIS mission was to train people with a global understanding of marketing, innovation and to transform students to develop successfully in their professional lives. Each student has the opportunity to configure the experience at the school in their own way, combining activities in the classroom with the mobility facilitated by new technologies. All of us who form ESIC, especially the teachers, are by their side to accompany, guide, teach, understand and motivate… in moments of discovery, satisfaction and celebration, but also in moments of doubt, error and pain.

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